Le Chef

Le Chef

Christophe Ledru

« The life is like a chocolate box... »

« La vie c’est comme une boîte de chocolat »

To follow the value, Christophe Ledru applied seriously the advice of the family. "Mum always said work and you will see the result of your work." So this cooker Forrest Gump, want to run faster than his shadow to not let escape the star.

If we never know what the futur is done, we know about childhood memories can give you a sign for your vocation. Not Really friend with the blackboard, the north's young boy wait the star of the summer holidays as soon as the playground.Brittany root , he enjoy the savage landscape of Iroise sea, along "presqu'île de Crozon". All the family, we were 20 cousins to eat around the grandmother's table. From this period, Christophe Ledru keep in mind the good dishes prepared with love by gramdma. She cooked a stuffed squid like nobody, even if the recepies the resulat was not the same. It's missing to know who did it, I always ask to my staff "taste and ask you if you eat it with your mother".



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« …We never know what to fall on. »

Probel behind the oven faster than planned, he leave quickly the family house to work. From factory family, welder father and social worker mother stand on their own wings. "I always saw my parents early woke up to go to work. At 14 years old he take the way to professional school in food and catering. 
He's first step as cooker was in the good restaurant of the corner "Le Vert pommier" in l'Oise. Luckily the restaurant was ok with staff and he can learn slowly in optimal condition. In hindsight, i always said that they learn to me , love the job before slap me on the fingers. Despite, it's hard work. "After 80 work hours per weeks, i wanted to take some holidays". As a good schoolboy his result open to him opportunity to do the competition of the "meilleur apprentis de france". Then he had the french professionnal baccalauréat. 
He comes to Paris to find a job. He works during few years in luxury hotel in Paris.

« Run Forrest, run ! »

« Cours Forrest, cours ! »

After Paris, Christophe Ledru goes to Reims in Champagne, to work with Philippe Augé. Than he go back to Paris, in Plaza Athene, to work with Alain Ducasse. Thanks to Alain Ducasse, he made me meet Olivier Bellin (L'Auberge des Glazicks, Finistère). Christophe Ledru left Paris, to follow Olivier and work 6 years with him, in a abitionnal restaurant. Together, they win the second star michelin.
After this experience, Christophe decide to have a new objectif, so he comes to London to learn english and work at the Dorchester. To have a new view of world kitchen, he work a few month at Texture restaurant, wich is a scandinave restaurant in London.  




« Stupidity is stupid »

The 17th February 2015, he come back to France, to discover a new reegion : Burgundy. 
Welcome at the Hostellerie le Cèdre, in Beaune, he gets his first Chef place. All the kitchen brigade needs some time to adaptation. 
Christophe Ledru don't wnat to do the same kitchen then the other chef of the city, and imagined new recipes and new associations. He works with the famous charolais beef from the region in 3 differents way : cold consommé with cep mushroom, slide and marinade like carpaccio, and snacked. 


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